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Orlie’s Legacy

As an elementary school student, Orlie, experienced firsthand what it was like to repair his shoes with cardboard due to his family’s lack of finances. When he became a father himself, he bought his two boys, Alex and Philip, a pair of new tennis shoes every year at Christmas as a reminder of where he came from and what he stood for.

This continued all throughout his sons’ childhood days and onto their adult lives. Orlie lived his life deeply loving his family and being generous to those around him. He was truly a friend to all.

As a loving family’s tribute to Orlie, we strive to become more like him and now carry on his legacy of reaching out to children through Orlie’s Shoe Drive. We hope that local children can be proud of the shoes they wear, and in the process, learn the true meaning of Christmas.

About Us

Founded in 2018 by Nicole Vigil and Alex Vigil, Orlie’s Shoe Drive is a nonprofit organization based in Bakersfield, California. We focus on providing free shoes to school-aged children of destitute families in Kern County communities.

Orlie’s Shoe Drive started in 2018 by Alex and Nicole Vigil. What started as something small has grown into something that is much bigger than just their family now. Orlie’s Shoe Drive is a non-profit that during the holidays reaches out to the community and provides the gift of new tennis shoes to the children in Kern County that are in more difficult situations that are out of their control.

Some places they have been fortunate to provide shoes to are the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, at a local Oildale bus ministry, and to the students of Stella Hills elementary and Bessie E. Owens Primary and Intermediate school.

This non-profit is so special to them and they love that during the holidays when others are so focused on gifts and themselves, Orlie’s Shoe Drive’s focus is all about others and how they can bless more kids in
the community

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